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How to Become a Court Reporter?

Ever thought about how courtroom reporters in TV programs and films are able to keep up with everything said in a trial that was heated?

These are learned abilities, and the court reporter should get a special education to create records of each word.  Many schools teach individuals how to become court reporters. Many things are involved during a court reporting education.  In addition to understanding court reporting machines, the student learns about various types of applications and medical and legal jargon.  Therefore, to work effectively as a court reporter you should know these things.  Learning how to use the equipment requires understanding the essentials of machine shorthand transcription.

To become thoroughly efficient as a court reporter, you must ensure that you learn the skills of utilizing a steno machine and maintaining speed; to do so, this may require that you find a place for training. The moment a stenographer achieves sufficient ability to operate in the field of court reporting, they have gained the experience to begin covering cases in the courtroom working with judges.  

A court reporters salary can vary from as little as $30,000 to as much as $100,000 depending what city the court reporter works and the types of cases the court reporter works. A career in time webcasting or broadcast captioning has potential to be more rewarding court reporting and stenographer work.

It's little wonder that numerous people try to get this job.  If you are considering changing your career or if you're simply considering court reporting as a career after graduating high school, court reporting may be a good career option for you. To find and compare court reporting schools, both on-line and traditional, and also to be completely prepared before registration, visit the national association of court reporters.  

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