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Realtime Court Reporting

As the world evolves into a digital marketplace, we recognize the use of technology simplifies our day to day lives.  As a result of the benefits that technology offers, it is natural that the court reporting field evolves with the advancement of technology, introducing an innovative tool best known as realtime court reporting.

What is Realtime Court Reporting

Realtime court reporting is a process which utilizes a software program that converts and may read the shorthand typed by the court reporter. Real-time court reporting is a tool which the court reporters use to provide more accurate and faster transcription.  Utilizing the enhancement offered by realtime court reporting technologies provides access to streaming transcripts online.  

Realtime court reporting enables the customers to check the court reporters transcript as it is being transcribed. Realtime court reporting eliminates the need for somebody to travel distances to attend or deposition or the need to have to travel to review a transcript and clarify the records. The court reporters utilize realtime court reporting techniques to ensure a seamless, fast and accurate process in the transcribing the deposition.

Realtime court reporting coverage has benefits and here are the most critical ones you'll come across:

Access to transcripts

When working on a matter, you will have access to a myriad of transcripts from that case. With access to realtime transcripts, you may never have to face waiting for your transcripts. The instant capture of info, storage, and maintenance of info makes the process more streamlined. This enables the parties to provide and to scan the database of transcripts allowing you access to the database to retrieve or review pertinent transcript history.  The summary of realtime court reporting transcripts can be critical to appeal to the court, providing to the jury or recounting the development of the case within the court premises.  Court reporting agencies frequently take less time than before to produce the final transcripts of the cases.

More ways to talk about case transcripts

The realtime coverage technology helps to access all instances of data related to the case in a comprehensive database, and at the exact same time, it assists the user to access the information in the database.  Sharing the case info is very simple considering it involves just a single mouse click.  Clients can affirm the stored info or review the proof of the items.  Now the clients may have the ability to easily send a copy of the transcript to associates along with other specialists when the need arises.  Combining realtime with video offers greater chances of winning your case.  Live testimonies and video recordings might permit the lawyers to describe or challenge key problems with the support of video evidence in previous sessions.

Real time court reporting can assist with providing you content of previous testimony to review if need to validate past testimonies credibility. The technicians might usually overlay the transcripts with the video precisely as subtitles in a movie.  The judge and the attorneys can access the video transcript liberally as well. Lawyers no longer need to wait around for weeks to review the testimony to consult a professional witness.  Lawyers can now cut and paste portions of the testimony that they need to share with other parties while maintaining the confidentiality of the rest of the transcript.

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