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Accelerated Court Reporting
At Accelerated Court Reporting we provide our clients with access to an online repository allowing them to access their transcripts, exhibits, invoices, and much more. 

Court Reporting Services
Accelerated Court Reporting offers the full spectrum of deposition and court reporting services to our clients. Accelerated Court Reporting’s standard litigation support package includes:

  • Original +1.  Our original and 1 services includes an original transcript (hard copy provided upon request) or certified copy.  
  •  Litigation Package.  Our litigation package includes an electronic version of the transcript, plus scanned exhibits.  Our PDF version of the the transcript is considered the official document of record.

Accelerated Court Reporting charges a per-page rate for the transcript inclusive of the word index page. Word index pages are charged at the same per-page rate as all other transcript pages.

Accelerated Court Reporting charges a flat rate for the Litigation Package.

Accelerated Court Reporting charges a per-page rate for Exhibits.

Accelerated Court Reporting charges a flat rate per transcript for creation of additional formats:

  • LiveNote Evidence Format (LEF)
  • LiveNote/CaseNotebook (PTZ)
  • Summation Briefcase Format (SBF)
  • and E-Transcript Manager (PTX) 

For jobs which are urgent and requires a fast turnaround, Accelerated Court Reporting offers expedited transcript services which are charged an additional percentage on the per-page rate basis.  

Accelerated Court Reporting also offers a Rough Draft of the transcript in electronic format prior to the court reporter cleaning up the transcript (proofreading, grammar, sentence structure, etc.). Rough transcripts are never certified, therefore, can't be cited or referred to as the original.  Ordering a rough requires that you purchase the final hard copy of the transcript.  The final hardcopy of the transcript (when rough ordered) will be billed at a reduced per page rate and is based on the total page count of the hardcopy transcript.

While this is not meant to be an exhaustive list of our charges, it provides a general overview of what to expect.  In addition to your per-page rates, additional charges encompasses an appearance fee, shipping and handling charges, and may include other service charges or minimums.  If you have additional questions on pricing, please refer to your rate sheet, or contact us directly at   

Documentation Depository
Our document repository allows client to have access to their documents storage on 24/7 basis.  Monthly hosting fee and a per document fees are charge. In other instances the charges could be based on the level of participation, per party per case. 


Realtime Services Accelerated Court Reporting provides realtime services, which includes local connections, wireless realtime, and remote services during depositions.

Realtime Services are charged based on a per-page rate per hook-up inclusive of both local connections and wireless.  A per-user per-day fee or a setup fee depending on the services.  Streaming over the internet may incur additional charges and fees.  Please contact our offices at obtain pricing and quotes.  

Videography rates may vary and can be charged on an hourly basis requiring a minimum, charged per day, could require a minimum charge and includes a setup fee.  Video synching rates may vary and could be charged hourly, per DVD or per transcript.  Please email to discuss services and rates.  

Video Streaming on the Internet
Video streaming is charged on a per-user per-day basis plus a one-time setup fee.

Video Conferencing
Videoconferencing services may vary but will likely be charged on an hourly basis for the room rental.  You may incur a fee for the telephone charges. 

Additional Fees

  • We request that you cancel your job by 2PM the previous business day.  If cancelation is not received you will be charged a late cancel fee.
  • A late scheduling fee may apply to any assignment requested after 2pm the previous business day.
  • Any costs incurred by Accelerated Court Reporting in preparation for your case and on your behalf will be billed to you for reimbursement (i.e., rentals - equipment, conference rooms; resourcing - subcontractors, parking, etc. ).

The information shared is intended for informational purposes only.  Rates are subject to change at anytime without prior notice.