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Job Timeframe

Accelerated Court Reporting offers a standard job processing timeframe of ten (10) days.  This is customary for many court reporting agencies.

However, we recognize that you require a court reporting agency that demonstrate a sense of urgency and can assist you by offering flexibility in the processing of your scheduled jobs.  

As such, the options below allow you to identify a job processing timeframe that is suitable for your case.

Standard Service 

Our standard service court reporting jobs timeframe requires an eight (8) to ten (days) processing time.  Our court reporters work diligently to provide you with an accurate transcript in a timely manner.  If your job finishes earlier, we will be sure to transmit work upon completion.  However, expect to receive your transcripts within the standard processing timeframe.

Expedite Service

Expedited jobs provide a turnaround time of three (3) to five (5) days.

2 Day Service

Jobs scheduled for two-day service will be available within 48 hours.  

Daily Service

Our daily rush court reporting jobs timeframe ensures that you will receive your jobs within are processed within 24 hours.  Therefore, if the court reporter processed the deposition today, your daily rush service will ensure that you receive your transcript by tomorrow.

Immediate Service

Court reporting jobs processed immediately are available the same days and certified.

Rough Draft Service

Our rough draft transcripts are available are not certified and are available as soon as possible.  This allows you to get access to get your hands on the document as quickly as possible, recognizing that the court reporter did not have the opportunity to double and triple check the document.

We recognize the challenges our managing your depositions and ensuring that your scheduled jobs can be processed timely, efficiently and accurately.  Our court reporters and administration staff at accelerated reporting will partner with you to identify and service your jobs in a manner that meets your goals.