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Accelerated Virtual

At Accelerated Court Reporting, we provide our clients with access to our virtual services and platform from scheduling, conducting remote depositions, and hosting remote depositions on our platform to watch later.

We are available 24/7 to provide support to your law firm allowing you to schedule services on demand.  Reach out to your account executive to provide you access to our Accelerated Court Reporting virtual platform.


On the Accelerated Court Reporting Virtual platform you can schedule depositions directly utilizing our scheduling form or by dropping your notice into the Virtual Platform.  It takes less than seven (7) seconds for you to schedule your deposition.

Remote Depositions

COVID-19 has significantly impacted the way we work.  However, some legal matters must still move forward.  To accommodate your business need, we offer remote depositions which can be scheduled directly with your Accelerated Court Reporting Account Manager or by sending us your notice of deposition through the Accelerated Virtual platform.

How Does It Work?
To be able to prepare for your remote deposition through a teleconference or you need have access to a phone line and good internet connection.  It is best to connect directly to internet connection as wifi connection can be spotty and result in poor sound and picture quality.

For your vide0 deposition hosted by video conference, you need a webcam that provides a high quality picture that is enough to fulfill your needs. The market is flooded with webcams which vary from cheap to a hundred bucks or more. It could be confusing to experience all the alternatives and choose which is best for your meeting, so allow Accelerated Court Reporting to propose a few pointers about what to look to get in a webcam to get the conferencing needs.

Image quality

  1. You need images that deliver images of everyone on your meeting. If they're forced to look it might be distracting to individuals on the other end. You'll have to pay a bit more for a camera with decent picture quality, but it may create a video conference a more pleasurable experience for all concerned if you purchase high picture quality.
  2. Check your home or office in advance to ensure projection of bright lighting.  Some meeting rooms will have dimmer lights, so make certain to inquire about the camera's capability to deliver top quality image even under these circumstances. Some cameras will not pick up a lot of a picture whatsoever without more bright lighting in the backdrop.
  3. Which attributes will you use? There are models of webcams, with versions coming with price tags and features. You can go if you will not use any features. If you believe you might wish to use some of the innovative features like motion capture surveillance, then you might wish to look to a more advanced camera.
  4. How easy is it to set up and use? Most webcams may have some issues attempting to get them set up and working properly, so a little research on the best ones on set up might prevent a hassle in the long term. 

Sound Quality

  1. You need to ensure that participants can hear you clearly when communicating during the remote deposition.
  2. Ensure that your computer or phone is not producing any background noise.
  3. It is recommended to dial into your videoconference and put your videoconference on mute and put your computer on mute to reduce any background noise.  Next, you should call from a phone line (cellphone or lan) and use the phone to communicate during the video deposition.  This ensures that sound quality remains consistent during the video deposition and doesn't drop if your internet connection buffers.


Exhibits can be managed in the ways that is most convenient for your law firm.  The following options are available during your remote deposition hosted by Accelerated Court Reporting:

  • Screen share:  Most technological tools (iPad, iPhone, Android, Laptop, TV's have a screen share options that will allow you to automatically share what is on your screen via internet to the remote deposition on videoconference.  If your deposition is hosted by teleconference with no access to shared viewing of screens, then it may be best to email the exhibits that will be introduced.
  • Email:  Email all parties, witness, opposing counsel, Accelerated Court Reporting and the court reporter a copy of all exhibits that will be introduced.
  • Accelerated Virtual Share:  Utilize our services to manage the sharing and marking of your exhibits remotely


Schedule training with our team to walk through your scheduled remote deposition, test that your system and connection is working correctly, learn how to share, annotate and stamp exhibits in preparation for your remote deposition, and practice engaging and communication on camera.


Remote Depositions can meet meet the needs of your legal practice.  It's cost effective as it reduces the burden of having to travel for depositions both near and far.  In addition, Accelerated Court Reporting video deposition enhances client services, increases productivity, and increases billable hours.  simple to set up and quick to get into working order, and will deliver top quality pictures of your meeting to keep the concentrate on what you're saying, not the grainy images you're transmitting.