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Real-time Deposition Transcription

Real-time deposition transcription streaming allows court reporters to transcribe the deposition as it is occurring, providing computer text of the conversation within seconds of transcribing what is being said.  Realtime may also mean transmitting video and audio of the proceedings. Users can see video and the text from any computer with access. Streaming realtime transcription can be seen as the proceedings is occurring on any computer, whether in the same room.

Here are some of the advantages of using real-time deposition transcription: video and view text in real time.

  • As it happens in real-time deposition transcription, parties in the deposition may not be in the same room where the deposition is taking place.  As such, participants may require access to hearing and viewing the testimony.   An attendee might not be in the exact room, but they could watch from their office or location and see what's happening as it unfolds via streaming realtime.
  • No longer will you need to get a video to send after the deposition has occurred. Real-time deposition transcription allows individuals to attend and participate in depositions in real-time, using any computer remotely.
  • Streaming realtime can reduce your travel time and provide cost efficiencies.
Employing a real-time court reporter will prove as a valuable tool for your depositions as it provides streaming of the case in realtime and lets you not only see, but also be an active participant in the process.

Cautiously review testimony during proceedings as needed. Unlike a normal video deposition, streaming real-time allows you to view the written words on the computer screen as it happens. This could make it simpler for you to follow exactly the testimony and cautiously review sections of special concern as it is actively being spoken.  Additionally, you can quickly search text throughout the proceedings. As you're listening to the deposition, if you find an area that you need to go back and review previous parts of testimony, you may do so with streaming realtime transcription. You may then direct attention to the necessary parts of testimony, as opposed to waiting until the transcript is prepared.

There might be parts of the video and transcript you would like to review instantly after the deposition has concluded.  You will have the ability to easily search text and video, and see them simultaneously once proceedings have ended.  A transcript might not be prepared for many days. This feature allows you to review whilst the whole deposition is still fresh on your mind. Obtain a rough draft copy of exactly the transcript after event have concluded. If you wish to send the testimony to a professional witness as quickly as possible, obtaining a rough draft copy will enable you to do so. You can have a fast deadline coming up and will need to be certain your witness has reviewed the testimony.

If you are interested in scheduling your real-time deposition, we at Accelerated Court Reporting have seasoned court reporters.  We will provide you with real-time deposition transcription and video streaming services.  Please email to request a rate sheet.

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